Troth - Flaws In The Glass
Following sound installations in several galleries and cassette releases on Australian underground mainstays Moontown and Essential Minerals, Flaws In The Glass was recorded by Troth (Amelia Besseny and Cooper Bowman) over a period of a 4-week residency in Mt Wilson, New South Wales in January / February 2020.

Mount Wilson is an idyllic, historic village with no shops and very few permanent residents situated atop the Blue Mountains. In late 2019 and early 2020, the surrounding area (and Mount Wilson itself) were subject to some of the most devastating bushfires ever recorded in Australia.

Troth have turned their established ambient and experimental gaze on this landscape, attempting to authentically convey both the recent, charred tragedy and to celebrate the lush greenery that prevails (and was visibly beginning to re-sprout around them while the album was recorded). They’ve also turned their heads collectively toward experimental folk tracks, in the tradition of its use as a lens through which to view nature.

Many local sounds are used throughout; excited birdlife, creaking campfire steel, an out of tune piano in the village hall, benches on the schoolhouse grounds and the pipe of an incinerator in the studio’s backyard among them. To these, Besseny and Bowman have added zither, various electronics and their voices.

Although not directly referencing anything specific, some listening habits and thematic touchstones during it’s recording were the pastoral serenity of early albums by Cluster, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Eno + Harmonia’s Tracks and Traces. Polish modern-classical group, Księżyc, and This Mortal Coil both also provided influence via their ethereal takes on folk music and pop composition respectively.

A portion of all sales will be donated to Firesticks (an organisation supporting Indigenous fire maintenance practice and knowledge) and WIRES (animal rehabilitation and conservation in bushfire-effected areas).