SnP 500 ‎– Treasure

Spacey electronics from SnP 500 on Montreal's Doo label!!

‘SoMetTHInG ElsE FrOM SOmEThiNg ElSe. BAcK HeRE In thIs SpaCE. SnP 500. 500 Degrees. 500 depress of pUTtiNg tHiS on in 2045. You need more than what you are given. You need to nd things for yourself. You know how slow things go and that you canʼt speed them up. You know that once you get somewhere you will want to be somewhere else. You realize that things donʼt really end, but that things really do start. And this is a start. Or a reminder that starting can happen. You need somewhere to think to. You need to go hard on things and to know whatʼs safe. Thatʼs what weʼre trying to bring here. Nothings made that can be re-created.’"