J. McFarlane's Reality Guest - TA DA

Debut full length from J. McFarlane's Reality Guest - aka the solo music of Australian artist Julia McFarlane. As a member of the group Twerps, McFarlane has traversed guitar-centric, melodic pop music for some years while honing a highly unique, personal musical language. Ta Da is the first recorded unveiling of McFarlane’s affecting, oblique songwriting panache. Originally released in her native Australia on Hobbies Galore, Ta Da was reissued by Night School in June 2019.

The record showcases different influences immersed in psychedelic music and synths. It’s a brilliant, deft concoction swimming in Young Marble Giants-type minimalism washed with bare pop and harmony similar to Kevin Ayers making sense of a Melbourne suburb full of faces half-recognised in the blanching sun.

Whoozy synth lines, 
BBC Radiophonic SFX, Casio-keyboard rhythm patterns and palm-muted guitars produce burnt melodica & well-tempered 80s UK & antipodean guitar pop. Tip!!