Hypnobeat - Forbidden Plant

Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance host a trio of Hypnobeat’s infectious ‘80s drum machine trips in the ‘Forbidden Plant’ EP. 

Originally engineered and newly mastered by band member Tobias Freund (Tobias./NSI), the EP is presented as “a musical touch of far away places.” This exotic mindset leads the EP between a previously unreleased 1986 workout ‘Polychrome Desert’ played on 3 x TR-808 machines, backed with the slouchy, furtive, psychedelic minimal wave of ‘Spies in Malaysia’, played on MC-202, sampler and syncussion, and the tracky chug of ‘Sumatra Railway’, a grubby and spindly 1985 recording that sounds like surf rock that got trapped in a rip current and shored up in Salford docks during the Factory Recs era.