Chandra - Transportation
Necessary new reissue of Chandra’s cult 80's new wave obscurities, including her sought-after 1980 debut EP plus later recordings, all adding up to the definitive Chandra release.

As the daughter of famed conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim and an equally open-minded mum Phyllis Jalbert, Chandra Oppenheim was born in the midst of ‘70s NYC at a time when punk, mutant disco, hip hop, no wave and Madonna were all emerging.

By the age of 9 she had already opened for a Laurie Anderson performance and formed a band with Eugenio Diserio and Steven Alexander of Model Citizens and The Dance. After a year of rehearsals, Chandra’s finely honed improv skills and ahead-of-her-years lyrics would front ‘Transportation’, the group’s first EP of wryly razor sharp guitar, discoid bass and wonky dub-style melodica. It was issued to widespread acclaim from the music and art media - described as “Delta 5 meets the Jackson 5” by David Ma - yet Chandra’s decision to focus on school meant that her 2nd EP recording lay unreleased until 2008.