Adult Fantasies - Towers Of Silence
Stroom hold a light to the delicious Belgy dirge pop of Adult Fantasies, sifting Nico-meets-Coil and Jonnine-esque gems from their run of late ‘80s/early ‘90s LPs for Antler and Sub Rosa. Towers of Silence’ plays thru a dark dream of urbane ennui and poetic mood enhancers that have somehow escaped our attentions until now. Marbled with fine mycelium veins of lowkey audness that link back thru the label’s NSRD and Pablo’s Eye to Fred A and Hessel Veldman, the sound of Adult Fantasies is faithfully brooding and darkly sexy if you like that kind of thing, and all sequenced to perfection for a quietly oozing and woozy sensation of a record.