48 Cameras - Chosen Songs
Yet another dreamy peach from STROOM 〰, ‘Chosen Songs’ collects an unmissable introduction to the shadowy poetry and music of 48 Cameras; a long-running, mutable ensemble helmed by Belgium’s Jean-Marie Mathoul..

Spanning 8 pieces, each recorded in one take between 2002-2013, ‘Chosen Songs’ notably features guest input from Michael Gira (Swans) and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) among many others. However, the centre of attention is Jean-Marie Mathoul (1952-2018), whose poetry and musical ideas form the basis of the self-proclaimed non-band’s haunting electro-acoustic spaces and possessed air. Just from initial listens, we can already tell this is going to be a big favourite during the present and coming long nights. Fans of Félicia Atkinson, John Avery, Kreng or Jani Christou are almost certain to fall under this record’s spell.